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"A place where food and spirituality meet and converge to create extraordinary moments".


Our goal is to redefine the dining nutritional experience by providing a space where conscious eating intertwines with the healing of body and mind. We seek to inspire our guests to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory journey, where each dish not only satisfies the palate, but also nourishes the soul.

Through the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic Cuisine and its integration with our modern Sensory Cuisine, we offer a modern refuge where stress is dissipated through the connection with food, and flavors and textures are enhanced in an exceptional way.


Prepare for an unforgettable and transformative experience where renowned cuisine is created with wellness at the forefront. The “Sensory Kitchen” commitment goes beyond the freshness of the ingredients; we have carefully curated a gastronomic symphony between the menu and the holistic practices we offer to accompany your day or evening session. Where harmony is directed by a careful choice of Ayurvedic cooking techniques that preserve the nutritional integrity of each dish.

That is why we invite you to live this unique experience as we will dedicate the right and precise time to the 'art of eating'; to taste the 6 flavors (bitter, sweet, salty, astringent, spicy and sour) that according to Ayurveda are an extremely powerful and therapeutic tool that determines not only how you experience food, but the overall taste of your existence. It also gives a much deeper meaning to taste, as it is responsible for determining the diverse effect of foods, spices, herbs and experiences on your body, mind and soul.

Don´t miss out on this opportunity to play and fully enjoy all of your senses!


Wellness Mornings.

SENSORY BRUNCH (minimum 2 people)


1 - Private Yoga session (75-minutes).

Carefully designed according to specific needs by focusing on Meditation, Pranayama or Breathing, Relaxation, Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin Yoga.

2- Breakfast menu: vegetarian and non-vegetarian options including:

                    - Energy Shot

                    - Tea or coffee

                    - Smoothie

                    - Healthy Sensory Dish

Wellness Nights

SENSORY DINNER (minimum 2 people)


1 - Sound Healing therapy and Aromatherapy session (75 minutes).

Sensory experience accompanied by crystal bowls, gong, quartz harp, tuning fork, metal bowls, rain stick, chimes, etc. Along with different essential oils that relax the mind and body.

2 - Dinner menu: vegetarian and non-vegetarian options including:

           - Herbal tea

           - Personalized appetizer

           - Signature cocktail with mezcal

           - *Option non-alcoholic drink

           - Personalized Main dish

           - Dessert 

Any of the above experiences can be arranged at your Airbnb and we can gladly plan according to your personal needs for couples, family or groups. Please contact us for further details in the link below.

Sensory Kitchen: Welcome
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