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We are always seeking for new ways to inspire others into transforming themselves and their lives. We strive to influence by action. Sharing tools that can be applied in our everyday life and that can help each one of us to build our own spiritual practice (Sadhana) and fully experience the benefits of having positive habits and well-being.

Project Mission.

"Inspire Change with your Life"

The idea is that each person discovers their own inner teacher. In the beginning it is important that you learn to build beneficial habits and that you know the theory behind yoga. However, the most important thing is the practice, where you can experience personally and notice the changes that are happening in your body, mind and heart.

Our project is based on the premise that we are all individual beings and therefore we require personalized practices that allow us to transform, to heal and to build the best version of ourselves.


To achieve this, we offer and share several Wellness Experiences during your stay in Holbox Island. The combination of these tools helps each person develop and get to know themselves. Depending on your interests, the time you want to dedicate to it and the capacity for change you have, will result in the construction of your spiritual practice and finally in the construction of your own life.

But Samah Wellness Project goes beyond just a class or a session, it strives to be a "Seed Spreader", a community of humans who wish to transform themselves and to transform the world by sharing and supporting each other in their own personal process.

May this initiative be of great benefit to everyone who wants to join the Project and hoping to contribute to everyone's happiness and inner personal growth.

About Samah Wellness
Meet our team


About Sam.

My name is Sam Limón and since I was a child there was always something that attracted me to meditation, and as I grew up I became very interested in Buddhism. In University I learned the Vipassana meditation technique and in 2010 I decided to undertake a trip to India to continue with that search for techniques and awakenings that would fertilize that seed that was sown in my childhood.

In India I took a course on Buddhism at the Tushita Meditation Center and it was there that I learned about the practice of yoga. I fell in love and started my daily practice adding pranayama techniques and learning about both Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. I returned to Mexico and in 2012 I decided to take my first yoga certification in Puebla, concluding a year later to take the next level of certification. I continued with my studies in Buddhism and Yoga, until finally in March 2016, I decided to return to India to get certified as an instructor and complete my 200 hours with the Yoga Alliance in Rishikesh, a sacred place next to the Ganga River.

This is when I met Ayurveda and after being healed from many imbalances that I have had for many years, I decided to deepen my studies and combine it with my yoga teachings. And so I finished my studies in Shakti School and graduated as an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach which allowed me to offer Ayurveda Consultations to people who are interested in making important changes in their lives.

Although I am an architect by profession and always worked with sustainability and ecology, I decided to focus on Yoga and Ayurveda so I could contribute to people's lives to build new habits, understand about personal imbalances and above all, use practical ways to apply ancient wisdom into modern life. Ways to love ourselves & others, but also contributing to the world with what each one can offer.

This is my offering :) Enjoy! 

My name is Enrique Bordon and I have always been curious about life. I love exploring and learning about all kinds of things. I have worked in restaurants for many years, until I was able to have my own business. This encouraged me to go deeper into cuisine and into so many options for not just feeding but also nourishing ourselves.

In more recent years and after traveling to Asia, I decided to explore food as medicine. Knowing that everything we put inside our bodies will affect not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. 

After participating in Wellness Retreats, I came to know about my passion for designing menus that would allow people to improve their digestion, feel light and energized in order to have the best conditions to enjoy the retreat. But also, to perceive food as a tool that can provide personal healing and new possibilities to change their own eating habits. 

About Enrique.

I am also very fond of Sounds & Vibrations, which have transformed my life in an unexpected way. I have been able to share my own personal music with those who also wish to be relaxed, to find moments of peace and spaces where they can explore new ways of healing themselves through Sound healing sessions. I love to see and to feel people as they wake up from a session or after enjoying a delicious meal.

Hoping we meet soon ! 

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