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Samah Wellness Holistic Ceremonies


"Rituals have the power to create bonds between your intentions and actions".

Holistic Ceremonies promote powerful and deep insights into oneself. The setting is Holbox Island, one of the most beautiful places you can imagine, full of magic and energy to manifest all your hearts´ intentions.

Picture this: a sacred ritual and meditation accompanied by an energetic Mayan cleanse with copal, a millenary medicine from ancient Mexican cultures. Along with cacao seeds to open our hearts and the beautiful company of soft healing music.


All Holistic Ceremonies are helpful to release emotional and mental blockages thanks to meditation which brings us to peaceful states of body/mind and allows to heal and unblock energetic channels; generating peace, calmness and equanimity.

We will set intentions for our lives  and release any unnecessary beliefs, tensions and conflicts which are holding us back from experimenting true happiness.

Private ceremonies can also be arranged for any celebration like anniversary, birthday, bachelorette party or any special event you are grateful for. 

The duration of the ceremony is around 60 minutes depending on the number of people and particularity of the ritual.


For more information, questions or confirmation please contact Sam through the link below.

Holistic Ceremony: Welcome
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