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Samah Wellness Community projects


“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way".


Part of what we are searching for is to expand and connect with as many people as possible and this includes of course, KIDS!

This is why we have created a community project that facilitates different activities for kids in Holbox Island, Mexico.

It is very important for us to give back to  inspire other souls that can also generate a change in the world. This is only the beginning of something beautiful and meaningful for the whole mission that Samah Wellness is committed to. Since we also know that many people are not able to attend to yoga sessions, sound healing sessions and other activities that involve art. This is why we try to open up spaces where people can attend and experience several different wellness experiences and transform their lives.

All of these events are completely free and financed through a percentage of the income from the experiences we offer to people that visit us in Holbox. We are really grateful for all the opportunities we´ve had throughout time and we feel it is a good way of giving back to the community with these kinds of events. 

The Music-Art-Yoga Project for Kids happens every month in Holbox Island, and all kids are welcomed to join and share an evening with other kids while they have fun, learn and experience new activities. 

Our next Project has to do with Sound Healing and people in hospitals that have cancer. It is known and proven that vibrations can help and heal those who are suffering from illnesses. This is why we have decided to look for new opportunities in hospitals where they will allow us to share with the patients so they can experience the benefits of this beautiful and powerful therapy.

If you are interested in collaborating in some way, please feel free to contact us, we would love to know about your ideas and ways to improve and add to the project. If you are prefer to help by donating supplies or any other type of donation, please don´t hesitate to tell us about it. We really appreciate any help we can receive so we can keep having these free events and experiences for those who need them the most. Any donation is welcomed!

Community: Welcome
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