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Mayan Cleanse + Holistic Ceremony

Other services that are offered as part of SAMAH Wellness are Holistic Ceremonies which include a Ritual and Meditation.

The duration of the ceremony is 60 minutes and they take place at 6:00 pm in the same place for the yoga classes when we arrange for them to happen. They are accompanied by an energetic cleansing with copal, a millenary medicine from ancient Mayans. Along with cacao seeds to open our hearts and accompanied by soft healing music.

All Holistic Ceremonies are helpful to release emotional and mental blockages thanks to meditation which brings us to peaceful states of body/mind and allows to heal and unblock energetic channels; generating peace, calmness and equanimity.

We will set intentions for our lives  and release any unnecessary beliefs, tensions and conflicts which are holding us back from experimenting true happiness.

For more information regarding questions or confirmation please contact Sam via WhatsApp at +52 222 177 3576.

Here's the link:

Holistic Ceremony: Welcome
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