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This transformational sensory experience combines physical and psychological effects of light, color, scent and sound... changing the rhythms of brain waves, heartbeat and respiration, impacting health on all levels and promoting a direct connection to the universal forces outside oneself ✨ 
Sound waves are invoked with various sacred instruments, such as gongs, crystals and Tibetan bowls, along with essential smells that will unburden the mind and body ✨
This sound bath will allow you to relax, heal and bring you into a meditative state where you will be able to wash off anything and to receive everything ✨
The therapy encourages surrendering into the presence of the here and now, moving blockages in the body and helping to treat stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders and emotional trauma release ✨
It is a beautiful opportunity to open up to emotions, to discover limiting beliefs and to balance your thoughts with your heart... releasing fear and experiencing wellness, peace, gratitude and love ✨
The duration of the session is around 90 minutes.
Group sessions are held every Friday and private sessions can also be arranged gladly upon request 🙏🏽

For more information regarding questions or confirmation please contact Sam via WhatsApp at +52 222 177 3576.

Here's the link:

Holistic Ceremony: Welcome
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